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The interview
I have no idea if it went good or not and in the end she asked me for references, which didn´t not strike me to add in the application letter. so basically i started to search the internet after phonenumbers and names I´ve forgot ages ago. I didn´t found what I was looking for so I decided to call instead and ask directly rather than chicken out and send an email. My boss from my internship from 2005 remembered me and she actually said "of course I remember you, we were really satisified". Which means that it wasnt a big deal that I hadn´t send christmas cards and trying to suck ass after my internship was over (those things are important in my business) and still she remembered me, i´m a bit proud. My second reference is the radio where I worked for a couple of weeks when i fisrt got here. Well, it was free work, like work for trying to pay my own salary, it´s complicated but she said yes to. Now, I only need my former boss approval and I can send in my references (he didn´t answer his phone and I´ve sent him an email). Hopefully I´m not gonna be to late, she´s gonna call me on Thursday again.
I´m nervous, I would really like this job.

Talking Spanish
I´ve been trying a lot lately to start talking. I sound horrible but now I am trying. It is still wierd with Mr. M but it goes better with other people. I even manage to find a Spanish girl who wants to practice Swedish. Awseume!

I´m going to bed, tomorrow is running day.

Qoute - Homer, Simpsons

Written by: Britta

Jag håller tummarna för dig! Bra med så många referenser, och någon ganska färsk dessutom. Vad var det för slags jobb? I Oslo, va?

2010-04-27 @ 14:54:49

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