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Malaga Film Festival
The festival goes on from 17 to 24 of April and is now over. I never went to see any movie but my participation was not crucial for the survival of the festival anyway (I grew upin  a small town, if you're not there, it will never happen again). The festival brought a lot of famous people and their fans and in the middle of it, the sun popped out and then, the tourists came too. The movie theater where they shoed all movies is right behind where I live so I went ot take som photos. The red carpet is out and the movie theater is really pretty (it is next to the roman remains, which I assume is a tourist attraction).

Movie posters
During the festival some paitners where painting big paintings right next to the cinema that they later hanged up around the ariea. The paintings (I assume) are scenes from movies that they showed.

Celebrities in town
There's was always fans outside of the hotel (probably the most expensive in town), sometimes more and sometimes less, but they were always there, waiting for their fans. I tried to take a picture and I don't know if you can see any people, this was a day with less fans, but imagen that the cars, red carpet and the few people standing there and not usually there.

Qoute - Howard, TBBT


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