Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch

Time flies...
It was two weeks ago since my last update... where did all that time go? Well, on that said Thursday, face2face called me and I got the job, that's eight weeks of summer that I know what to do with. And then, on Saturday, my family came for a visit. That was an intense week (even though we didn't do much). Four pictures to recap the whole thing.

On vacation where I live
We had a lot of deliscious food. Lots and lots of tapas, but also pasta, meat, sallad, pitas and least but most important sushi! Even though I love tapas (which I do) sushi was the highlight in the food area.

We had a lot to drink aswell. A lot of cañas (and I had no idea that it means tap beer, I though it just was a small beer) I can really recomend the sangria at cheers (even though the name indicate that you should drink beer there). Me, my brother and Mr. M even manage to get out two times, on Saturday and on Wednsday and that included a lot of good drinking aswell, but I fell a little short on the pciture taking.

Of course we did some sightseeing aswell. Here's the bus we took around town.

We went all the way up to Castillo Girbralfaro, where I had never been before and it was wuite cool and puzzling (how, why and what?). We didn't really do that much more sightseeing (my parents went into the cathedral and walked along the beachwalk) and we definitly missed a lot of nice stuff. Well, next time.

This is the view from Gibralfaro (You see the cathedral, which I live closely to, almost in the middle of the picture).

We also went two time to the beach.

All alone
On Thursday the following week, I found myself all alone. My family went back home, Mr. M on a trip to London and even my roommates had deserted me for going to Barcelona. It was confusing but it gave me a chance to breathe out and I spent the entire weekend in front of the tv and computer eating candy. That starts us on this week and it is already Wednsday.

As time progress into the summer, it doesn't really slow down. On Saturday I'm attending a wedding and then (19 of may) a couple of best friends from Sweden are visiting me and then time is just gonna float by until that dreadful flight to Sweden.

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True story

There's a lot of benefits with being in a class with people from different countries. One of them is the food exchange we had on Friday and another one is when one of my classmates wants to share a tradition they have in their country. This happened in the begining of March and I was planning to blog about it then but a lot of stuff came in between. Anyway, a woman from Bulgaria gave us each a brachelet made of yarn and told us to keep it on out wrists until March 22 when we should hang it up in a tree and make a wish. I did hang it up in a tree but not on March 22. Next year, I'm gonna get it right. I don't know why they do this but I like it and she told us that in Bulgaria you can see a lot of these bracelets hanging from trees on the 22 of March.
I took some pictures

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Did you pour maple syrup all over your body and asked if she was in the mood for a short stack?

Malaga Film Festival
The festival goes on from 17 to 24 of April and is now over. I never went to see any movie but my participation was not crucial for the survival of the festival anyway (I grew upin  a small town, if you're not there, it will never happen again). The festival brought a lot of famous people and their fans and in the middle of it, the sun popped out and then, the tourists came too. The movie theater where they shoed all movies is right behind where I live so I went ot take som photos. The red carpet is out and the movie theater is really pretty (it is next to the roman remains, which I assume is a tourist attraction).

Movie posters
During the festival some paitners where painting big paintings right next to the cinema that they later hanged up around the ariea. The paintings (I assume) are scenes from movies that they showed.

Celebrities in town
There's was always fans outside of the hotel (probably the most expensive in town), sometimes more and sometimes less, but they were always there, waiting for their fans. I tried to take a picture and I don't know if you can see any people, this was a day with less fans, but imagen that the cars, red carpet and the few people standing there and not usually there.

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If wishes were horses, I would be eating wish meat every night

Cinamon rolls
It's a common bun and it is probably eaten all over the world (link to wikipedia) but I decided to make those anyway because they are for me, typical Swedish (fika, anyone?) and they are easy (and as it turned out, cheap) to do. But instead of making huge ones, I made tiny ones. I assumed it would be a lot of food and the idea is to try and taste, so I made like bites for tasting rather that a giant bun to fill you up. Maybe I should unwind a litte bit.
At my language school, they have this event every semester where the participants bring food, pastries or anything eatable from their couintry so that we all can take a part of all the culture that is flowing through out this Spanish language school. This is soley for the people studying Spanish so there's no spanish food or spanish people there (exept for the teachers). I brought tiny cinamon buns.

A fiest indeed
There was over sixty enries at the table today and I've eaten so much that I wish that I will not eat anymore today. Plus I stole some ot take home with me. I think people liked my buns but most of them probably recognized them. There was a lot of Marrocan food (me like) and Italian, English, American, German, Bulgarian, Chinese and so on. I tried palm tree beer (I think, it was white and bubbly) and it was interesting. I treid a lot of other stuff to and it was delicious. Afterwards, we all got prices. (Klick on the pictures to see them bigger). I really like food from other countries, not that I don't like Swedish food, it is just fun when you can vary. I love Mexican food and sushi but I can't really decide what is my favorite. If someone asks me what my favorite dish is, I say food :)
Do you like food from other countires? Which one?

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Btw, I got an interview for a job in Norway on Monday :) wish me luck!

He's at a sensitive point in his monthly cykel

The red carpet is out
There's always something going on in Malaga, not a boring moment. Semana Santa is barely over when the red carpet is rolled out for the Spanish film festival. There's a lot of celebreties in town and even though it rained in the beginning of the week, there was quite a few people waiting outside hotels for celebrities to show up. I wouldn't know the difference between a celebrity and a, well, anyone because I don't really follow Spanish movies but it is cool with festivities. I don't know if there's gonna be more after the film festival during the summer but I do know that in September the Feria starts. If you're here during September, don't miss that! I'm gonna take some more pictures of the film festival to show you. For now, the red carpet on calle Larios.

Wash all day, Wash all night
I don't know why I am so interested in my roommates laundy habits. It doesn't really affect me at all and they keep it very clean and nice here so everything actually works out in my favor. But still, that washer machine has never been so busy as it is now. Maybe the one thing give the other thing but I am still amazed, how do they even gather enough clothes to wash, they seem like clean people.

Culture food exhange
Tomorrow at school there's an event where students bring a typical dish of some sort from their countries. In some sense it has to suck being chinese at this things, who doesn't know chinese food? I decided to make cinamon rolles (even though I am not really sure about the Swedishness of them), mostly just to bring something, I would feel a little stupid if I am the only one showing up empty handed and I've been wanting to bake for a long time.
I'll post pictures.

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Escuela oficial de idiomas

Price for course: 67€
Price for books: 34€
First exam and intervews: First week of February
Final exam: Last week of May
Duration: Two hours of class Monday to Friday (9-11 or 11-13)
Bus: No. 2 (single busticket 1:10€, monthly buscard 34:30€)

Escuela oficial the idiomas (link to EOI Malaga)
I study Spanish at the oficial language school of Spain. It's a language school from the Spanish government and Spain is the only country in the European union that has this kind of school (link to wikipedia). It is a lot cheaper than a "normal" language school but as far as I know, it is not eligble for csn (Swedish board for lending money to students) The school is primary for teaching other languages to Spanish people but they have Spanish for foreigners, which is the class that I am in (link to Departamento de Español).

Other students
The people who are in my class are not "typical language school students" (I assume) but people who actually live in Spain and wants to have, or already have a life here. There are people from Marocco, Finland, Nigeria, France, China, USA, England and more and the age span from young (maybe 16) to old (maybe 60).

How it goes
The first exam and interviews start in February. The exam and interview are done during twoi days, if you're not fast enough with the exam, you just have to come back the next day for the interview. They are for determine what level you are in, there are five levels (I am in the second one). After you've done the exam and the interview you have ot pay the tution fee, which you do at a bank office, and then you put the reciept from the bank, two pictures of yourself and a photocopy of your passport in an envelope and leave at the school (all of this are explained to you during the interview. During the interview, you also get to choose (depending on what level you are) if you want to attend the 9 to 11 class or 11 to 13 class. There's two books that you can buy at the bookstore located next to the busstop on Alameda principal where the bus to and from the language school goes (link to google maps).

You know how your daddy used to say, you can only fish for so long before you have to throw a stick of dynamite in the water?

I went out yesterday to take some pictures of the city. It is quite changed now during semana santa, exept from people being everywhere there's various stands of toys and candy and thousands of chairs. Everywhere there's chairs. The main chopping street is full of them, plaza de la constitución is full of them, the roundabout between the bus streets is full of them and many, many more. I read somewhere that even thought semana santa is supposed to be a sad holiday, most people are not really sad nowdays. I can not really say anything about this holiday, Mr. M are usually in Marocco this time of year and don't celebrate it. Which is too bad, because this seem to be the only holiday with the most difference to what I am used to. Anyway, I found this lollipop and I just had to buy it, I have no idea what they are called, these costumes but sadly, they remind me of KKK (which is not really  good thing, I know, but I can't help wonder where KKK got their designs from). I hope there's any American or Spanish person reading my blog that could give me an asnwer :)

Thank you for the nice comments, it really warmed my heart. I want to be personal in what I write but no to personal and I defenitly want to be real. I don't want to pretend that everything is great all the time, that doesn't help anyone but I feel bad when entries come out as the one yesterday, it doesn't give off a good feeling. But I am glad for all off you who reads!
I like to listen to Spanish and everyone I have met here speaks really good English, some have never studied it and still speaks really good. I know I put too much pressure on myself, I can notice it because I don't do anything (which is my response when stuff gets to hard, I just stop doing it, thinking it will go away or resovle itself) But it is gonna be changes.

I'm still in my pj´s but I'm gonna change and get out on a run (who can resist when the sun is shining) and continue listen to "Dude, where's my country" by Mickael Moore

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She knew my one weakness, that I am weak

Easter in Spain is called pascua and that is the easter that most people are used to (as far as I know) with eggs and easter bunnies. But here they don't really celebrate pascua but semana santa instead. Semana santa is holy week and each day belong to a saint (they love saints here). They have processions where huge scupluters of Jesus and Maria is carried around. There's several of them every day/ night for about a week or so.
I'm not really into religious things but this is a thing that is really different and as everything gets international and alike, this is a thing worth seeing. I guess many of you know that people going in this "parade" are dressed like what we know as KKK (no connection as I know) and that is a bit scary. They come in different colors but when they are all white and carries a cross, I get a little nervous. It is quite frightening.

It's coming, It's coming
I life next to the cathedral here (kind of cool) and these thing comes out of the cathedral (naturally) so yesterday when me and a friend tried to pass by the cathedral (to get home after being at a teteria), it was almost impossible, it was people everywhere. Earlier that day, it had been green dresses but now, they were dressed all in white. We decided to stay and watch the spectacle for a while. And out came this huge sculpture of Jesus, carried by a lot of people and they just kept walking forward, towards us. It was, as I mention, a lot of people, where would they go? This thing just came closer and closer and everyone started to move backwards. I have no idea how all that people managed to split apart and make room for that thing but we suceeded and for a brief moment I was staring up on a half naked Jesus. It was intense...

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I don't know Sheldon, it s gonna take me a while to recover from all the fun I had today


Here comes the pictuers from Dublin. It's a lot but I tried to choose the ones who best represent out trip. If there's any questions around them, don't hesitate to ask! More pictures will be poste under a later ocasion (I feel that it is a bit much right now, even if they are easy to "read" ;))

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It's okay to be smarter than everybody, but you can't go around pointing it out

Okay, I'm leaving for Dublin in a few hours and there' will be no activity at all on this blog until next week (not that it has been any activity the last days anyway) but, there's gonna be a lot of picutres and updating after Dublin (I promise)

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My new room :D

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Run Forrest, run!

It´s the first time I had a run for a month and it feels insanely good. I think I ran more than usual. The distance I run is around 7 km and I am not fit enough to run all of that. But my goal is to be able to run the whole distance by the end of this month (huge pressure, right now). Anyway, let´s talk about something a little more interesting instead. Along the beach walk (where I run) there´s numerous of fun things to take a picture off and wonder what it is. Sometimes, it happens, that me and Mr. M walks from my place to his (the beach walk is in between and that is also the reason why I run there) and during those occasions, I´ve been taking picture.

Virgen along the beachwalk. For the ones lost at sea.

This is Virgen del Carmen and this picture is located along the beach walk. In English she is called Our lady of Mount Carmel and she´s apperently Virgin Mary, but in another role. The role is patroness for the Carmelite order (according to the English wikipedia) and the patroness of the sea (in the Spanish wikipedia). She is celebebrated on the 16 of June and she´s the patroness of Fuengirola. I guees she protect´s the people at sea and stuff around it. Her clothing has a specifik meaning to, it wasn´t there from the beginning but after someone had a vision where the virgin Mary gave him the brown "dress" it became very important for the whole thing. It plays an important role during the fesitivities.

I guess you all expected something a little more interesting. This is a catholic country (as far as I understand) so whenever there´s anything said about a virgin. It´s about the ultimate virgin of the all. The one who gave birth to God´s son (and many others, but let´s not talk about that)

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I don't trust banks, I believe that when the robots rise up, the ITM's will be in charge

I'm NOT singing in the rain
I just please want it to stop raining. It is really depressing and I feel locked in. I don't have any clothes to go out (no umbrella, no raining jacket, no galoshes). My room feels like a bunker and everything  is in a big mess, becuase I am soon gonna change room (waiting for the paint to dry and for the broken stuff to get fixed) I'm all about the complaining right now... (sorry)

Yesterday was not a complete disaster (even if some wierd stuff took place)
I went to class and then straight home. I tried to stay awake but couldn't (if there's something I always am, it's sleepy... and hungry), I woke up in time for meeting a friend for coffee. After the coffee and on the way home. I managed to take those rain pictures I've been talking about (but now, photoshop stopped working) and I spotted a rat that seemed to like the rain as much as I do. I took some pictures of it.

I skipped class today (I know, I know) but hopefully that is gonna result in me getting a lot of useful stuff done :)

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Thanks, but I'm a bit tipsy as it is, it's bad enough I peed in your shower, Bye

Today count as Sunday in Spain, it's some kind of holiday (probably a saint of some kind), so yesterday was a party day and me and Mr. M were set out to just have a beer or two with his friend. It became a little more than that.

Duff beer
First we had dinner at a place called Como Loco, it's a place where they have sallads and pitas, and they used to serve duff beer (like the exact one they have in Simpsons, totally awseume). I was a little sad to hear that they don't have it anymore because I was planning to have one someday (that how it goes for the procastinator).

After dinner, me and Mr. M went to the Cheers (another tv show reference) because that is another thing in Malaga that I've been saving to do (and hence the disapearence of Duff, I didn't want to procastinate this one too, not that the bar would close in the immidiate future, but still). And it was really cool cus they served  popcorn and peanuts in the shell with the drinks. I should have taken a picture but there I go again (procastination)...

30 silvercoins
After Cheers we headed on to another place. It looked more like a diner and they served fod like hot dogs and stuff. They also had beers which is why we went there.  We had two beers and one of them were called Judas :) This time, I took a picture (it seem like this night is gonna go in the sign of self- improvement)
Seriously, how cool isn't this?

At this time, it was still just me and Mr. M but the night was young (like midnight-ish) and his friends were just done with dinner, so we went to meet them up. At a shot bar. A bar, that evolves around shots. So what do we have, a shot, of course (a shot it a chupito in Spanish). First it was something with tabasco in it. Then something with vodka and lime and finally, tequila (the vodka one was my choice, I payed, I chosed, not a good choise, but I wanted to try)

Yo intendendo Espanol muy, muy bien
I don't understand Spanish very very good. But as we headed to another place (I'm starting to loose track of the places here but with three shots in my system, who cares) I was convinced that I should try and talk as much Spanish as I possible can, the problem is that I don't know any words. By this point I think I started to get a little obnoxious and there was some people that didn't really look kindly on me. Anyway, Mr. M's friend had another friend with him and he knew some people at this place. (Oh, and a funny thing that happen was that when we got into the place some girls were taking pictures of themselfes so I offered to help by just taking the camera, taking the picture and leave) After that I just started talking with some random girl that was friend of a friend of a friend, or something like that. She didn't know a lot of English (or any?) so we spoke in Spanish, or she talked in Spanish, I don't know what I did. And then another shot. A red thing that came from a mysterious pitcher.

After this bar we went to some place with flashing light and trance music. That didn't really feel like my kind of place. So me and Mr. M called it a night and went home.

This was a long entry, but I hope it is a little more interesting than usual.

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Oh, you're my little humanqilous (perfectly formed miniature human being)

Promised pictures

I know they are not of the best quality, I thought I knew what I was doing when I took the pictures but apperently not. I'll work on that, I promise.

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Are you looking at my boobs, dummy?

I'm sitting here in my pink suit from IKEA (looking stylish) and feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I don't feel any good at all and all the Spanish work I've been prosponing does not feel good at all.

The kissing thing goes with girls, girl - girl and boy - girl. Boys have somekind of arm clap going on, same as everywhere. If the buys are close, there can be a hug but not more than that. In the families, I guess it varies, like with all families. I am not sure about the official greeting, like with job interviews, I have to ask Mr. M about that.

I made home made french fries the other day and thought you wanted to see it (I have a thing for food pictures, I know, it has been established a long time ago)

the frying in the pan


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Btw, I do want to stress that I LOVE comments

Watch your back, half a corps coming through

This is my Spanish bull. It´s a keychain where I have the keys to my apartment. I got the bull from Mr. M because he wanted somthing to fight of all the other Spanish guys who would hit on me (which have not occured) but mainly because it is a symbol of Spain(unofficial national symbol). The bull is actually a 14 meter high image of a bull that is spreaded out along the Spanish highways. The bulls name is Osborne and is actually a commercial for the Osborne sherry. I´ve seen one of these bulls here, in Fuengirola. It was during one of my many trips there for my last job. I was walking more or less from one side of the town to the other and when I approached the end of the town, the bull stands on top of a hill, looking over the Spanish landscape. Personally, I think it is a cool symbol, mostly cus it is an easy clean shape and what better to represent Spain than a bull. From the beginning, it had a text of the sherry company, but it had to be removed but by then, the bull itself was already a national symbol. Now you can find the bull on anything (for example my keychain) and the only thing that beats that kind of advertising has to be crayons (When your product becomes the name of the product you sell).
Read more about Osborne on Wikipedia

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I got the best of intentions but at January third or fourth, there I am, broke, hungover and coughing up stripper glitter

The promised pictures of my current room
Picture taken from the door

Desktop area

Fridge area

Bed view

Btw, my computer is up and running again..

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I can't be impossible, I exist

I went to class
I painted my nails
I made the phonecall
I hade lunch
I'm cold

Sorry, there's nothing interesting going on at all (and now you wont see my place until I change it) Besides, I'm having computer problems, I have to restart it every 20 min because it just stops working. Anyway, I took a picture of myself, so you can see how warm and cozy it is here...

This is how I look nowdays.

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But here's a g-string you can smell on... It's your dad's

These eggs are called huevos de codorniz and are really small. They are really cute and are primary used for making montaditos, which is a delicsious sandwich. Pictures below on the eggs and the sandwich :)

Small eggs
Small eggs in the frying pan

Sandwich with small eggs, olive oil and jamon serrano

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