Watch your back, half a corps coming through

This is my Spanish bull. It´s a keychain where I have the keys to my apartment. I got the bull from Mr. M because he wanted somthing to fight of all the other Spanish guys who would hit on me (which have not occured) but mainly because it is a symbol of Spain(unofficial national symbol). The bull is actually a 14 meter high image of a bull that is spreaded out along the Spanish highways. The bulls name is Osborne and is actually a commercial for the Osborne sherry. I´ve seen one of these bulls here, in Fuengirola. It was during one of my many trips there for my last job. I was walking more or less from one side of the town to the other and when I approached the end of the town, the bull stands on top of a hill, looking over the Spanish landscape. Personally, I think it is a cool symbol, mostly cus it is an easy clean shape and what better to represent Spain than a bull. From the beginning, it had a text of the sherry company, but it had to be removed but by then, the bull itself was already a national symbol. Now you can find the bull on anything (for example my keychain) and the only thing that beats that kind of advertising has to be crayons (When your product becomes the name of the product you sell).
Read more about Osborne on Wikipedia

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