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What kind of job have you applied for?
I´ve applied for a job in Oslo at the firm face2face. As for now, I had an interview and I sent in my references. I´m gonna get an answer on Thursday if they are further interested in me. You probably all understand that this blog is gonna close down after June 17. I have plans on starting another blog and continue with my first blog so I´m not disapearing but the Spanish blog are not gonna be relevant anymore (cus I´m not gonna be in Spain). But I do hope that I get to restart this blog sometime in the future!

Qoute - Barney, HIMYM

Written by: Britta

Följdfråga: hur gick intervjun till? Och vad gör företaget/vad skulle din uppgift bli?

Jag håller fortfarande tummarna, fast allra trevligast vore ju om du fick jobb i Karlstad!

2010-04-28 @ 17:42:08

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