If I was in your tummy, I'll poo in your throat

I´m still working on all those little things and it is going suprisingly well. I aslo managed to shorten my time for my 5 km run (even though my back hurt as fucking hell right no, I should not run on that kind of surface, like sidewalk, but there´s not really any other to find here) I reserved the hotel room for my parents earlier today and I hope that the planes are gonna be up and working by the time they are coming (1-6 of May).

Eh, Spanish
Wednsday is slow days. I´m still waiting for new episodes from The big bang theory and other than that, I study Spanish. Nothing more to it. It is in the middle of the week (working week, not that I work that hard but still) and nothing is happening.

Qoute - Bart, Simpsons


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