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The red carpet is out
There's always something going on in Malaga, not a boring moment. Semana Santa is barely over when the red carpet is rolled out for the Spanish film festival. There's a lot of celebreties in town and even though it rained in the beginning of the week, there was quite a few people waiting outside hotels for celebrities to show up. I wouldn't know the difference between a celebrity and a, well, anyone because I don't really follow Spanish movies but it is cool with festivities. I don't know if there's gonna be more after the film festival during the summer but I do know that in September the Feria starts. If you're here during September, don't miss that! I'm gonna take some more pictures of the film festival to show you. For now, the red carpet on calle Larios.

Wash all day, Wash all night
I don't know why I am so interested in my roommates laundy habits. It doesn't really affect me at all and they keep it very clean and nice here so everything actually works out in my favor. But still, that washer machine has never been so busy as it is now. Maybe the one thing give the other thing but I am still amazed, how do they even gather enough clothes to wash, they seem like clean people.

Culture food exhange
Tomorrow at school there's an event where students bring a typical dish of some sort from their countries. In some sense it has to suck being chinese at this things, who doesn't know chinese food? I decided to make cinamon rolles (even though I am not really sure about the Swedishness of them), mostly just to bring something, I would feel a little stupid if I am the only one showing up empty handed and I've been wanting to bake for a long time.
I'll post pictures.

Qoute - Sheldon

Written by: Lina

Hur tar man sig lättast runt i Malaga? :) Finns det något typ månadskort för lokaltrafiken? Vet du om det är dyrt i så fall? :)

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