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Is it easy to get a job in Spain during the summer?
According to statistic the unemployment is 24% for women and 11% for men in Andalucia (which is the area of Spain that I am in) so getting a job is not really easy. But, if you want to get a summerjob at a bar or resturant, the chances are probably higher than getting a long term job. I tried in September to get a job in Fuengirola but it was the end of the season so I was without luck in the resturant and bar business. The only thing that I can honeslty say is that you can't know if you don't try and if there's a chance of trying and you really want to, go for it! If you're not to picky about the living conditions, I can help you get a place.

Are you gonna stay in Spain or are you gonna go back to Sweden?
I'm running out of money and my student loan debt needs to be payed, so I need to get a job with a good and steady income and with the Spanish I have today, there's no way I can get that in Spain right now. The plan is to go back to Sweden June 17 (but I can not boke a flight right now, so I don't really know) and get a job in either Sweden or Norway.

I hope it is okay that I translate the questions in to English? Just so that everyone can read it, in case someone else have the same ones. Continue with the questions! And thank you for the support!

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