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Ashes to ashes
I had some problems booking my flight ticket and I assumed that it had something to do with the fact that the airports are currently closed and noone is flying anywhere for the immidiate future (and for who know how long) but after three days of trying and several attepmts to pay with my credit card I thought to myself that I just have to call and ask them. I mean, I'm flying in June and if the airports are not open by then, they will probably never open again and I didn't have  problem with the actual booking but with the payment, it said that my creditcard was not authorized (and firhter down they suggested that I pay with a credicard cus it is so safe on their website, I guess it can't get any safer than... not working). Anyhow, I called the nice people at norwegian.se and the problem had nothing to do with iceland or the website or anything connecting to flying or the flying company at all. It was my credit card (I do have money on it, I assure you, that was not the problem), they changed something and I had to authorize my creditcards for online payments before I could do any. As easy as that, I just logged into my bank and authorizd the damn thing and it all worked as a charm. I'm really glad that I sat in the phone for half an hour waiting, because I would have never figured out this thing by myself

How tiny is mankind?
I remember last year, when the swine flu was the biggest threat and made it difficult for everyone who go by air. I was currently in Tennesse, so I was close to the centre of the cause and colleges around us were shutting down. People at my college really didn't want that to happen in the middle of exam and graduation periods but for us internaitonal student, it was crucial for our return back home that the college would close down. It was all actually hanging on a thin line and as I felt a cold when returning to Sweden I had to go to the doctor. Not that it is impossible to travel without the airplane but trips that you assumed would take four hours, are now taking three days (at best) and for a lot of people, this is a complete disaster. I'm not saying that it isn't, I'm just glad this event didn't happen last year. But the human race are sure tiny and fragile and some journalist even say that now we have to invent the wheel all over again. It's not that serious, the only thing that we actually lost is time, there's a lot more other stuff that could happen that would actually mean that we have to do things a whole lot different, like the oil drying up. That's a crisis.

Seriously, study! What is wrong with me?

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