Who tragically died from complications due to union organizing

It´s so typical me to finally find a type of excersie that I like just to have my body say a big no about it. I really enjoy jogging, it gives me a chance to just escape in myself and disapear from the world while I work on my condition (catching my breath, it is not that cool to runt 10 meters to the bus and not be able to catch my breath almost until the bus arrives to its destination) and getting fresh air and sunshine (I tend to get stuck in front of the computer, it´s a good thing to get out). But, and this is a big but, my spinalcord do not approve. I turn into a crypling that can barely walk and it hurts like freaking hell. I have some excersises to do to easy the pain and somewhat prevent it but when I run on hard asfalt, there´s nothing I can do to prevent it.
The thing is that I can run in the forest but i can barely walk in the forest without tripping and falling everywhere so jogging is not an alternative and here, there´s no forest anyway. I guess I´m just gonna live with the pain afterwards, for now, if it gets worse, I guess I have to find something else to do,

Sun, sunnier, sunnest
Suddenly it´s 25C and the beaches is full of people and the town is full of tourists. I went to the beach yesterday but i sadly forgot the sunblock, which has resulted in a very red back. It doesn´t hurt as much as expected but next time, I´m defintily bringing the sunblock.

Qoute- Mr Burns, Simpsons


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