Escuela oficial de idiomas

Price for course: 67€
Price for books: 34€
First exam and intervews: First week of February
Final exam: Last week of May
Duration: Two hours of class Monday to Friday (9-11 or 11-13)
Bus: No. 2 (single busticket 1:10€, monthly buscard 34:30€)

Escuela oficial the idiomas (link to EOI Malaga)
I study Spanish at the oficial language school of Spain. It's a language school from the Spanish government and Spain is the only country in the European union that has this kind of school (link to wikipedia). It is a lot cheaper than a "normal" language school but as far as I know, it is not eligble for csn (Swedish board for lending money to students) The school is primary for teaching other languages to Spanish people but they have Spanish for foreigners, which is the class that I am in (link to Departamento de Español).

Other students
The people who are in my class are not "typical language school students" (I assume) but people who actually live in Spain and wants to have, or already have a life here. There are people from Marocco, Finland, Nigeria, France, China, USA, England and more and the age span from young (maybe 16) to old (maybe 60).

How it goes
The first exam and interviews start in February. The exam and interview are done during twoi days, if you're not fast enough with the exam, you just have to come back the next day for the interview. They are for determine what level you are in, there are five levels (I am in the second one). After you've done the exam and the interview you have ot pay the tution fee, which you do at a bank office, and then you put the reciept from the bank, two pictures of yourself and a photocopy of your passport in an envelope and leave at the school (all of this are explained to you during the interview. During the interview, you also get to choose (depending on what level you are) if you want to attend the 9 to 11 class or 11 to 13 class. There's two books that you can buy at the bookstore located next to the busstop on Alameda principal where the bus to and from the language school goes (link to google maps).

Written by: nicole

Intressant!! Verkligen billigare än "vanliga" språkskolor. Perfekt ju om man t.ex. skulle vilja jobba samtidigt eller nåt...

Då har du snart bara en månad kvar på skolan. :) Har du bestämt om du ska stanna i spanen eller om du åker hem. Vet du hur svårt det är att få jobb i Spanien på sommaren? Typ bar/café osv?

Hoppas allt är bra o kul med uppdatering!

2010-04-19 @ 18:56:37

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