If wishes were horses, I would be eating wish meat every night

Cinamon rolls
It's a common bun and it is probably eaten all over the world (link to wikipedia) but I decided to make those anyway because they are for me, typical Swedish (fika, anyone?) and they are easy (and as it turned out, cheap) to do. But instead of making huge ones, I made tiny ones. I assumed it would be a lot of food and the idea is to try and taste, so I made like bites for tasting rather that a giant bun to fill you up. Maybe I should unwind a litte bit.
At my language school, they have this event every semester where the participants bring food, pastries or anything eatable from their couintry so that we all can take a part of all the culture that is flowing through out this Spanish language school. This is soley for the people studying Spanish so there's no spanish food or spanish people there (exept for the teachers). I brought tiny cinamon buns.

A fiest indeed
There was over sixty enries at the table today and I've eaten so much that I wish that I will not eat anymore today. Plus I stole some ot take home with me. I think people liked my buns but most of them probably recognized them. There was a lot of Marrocan food (me like) and Italian, English, American, German, Bulgarian, Chinese and so on. I tried palm tree beer (I think, it was white and bubbly) and it was interesting. I treid a lot of other stuff to and it was delicious. Afterwards, we all got prices. (Klick on the pictures to see them bigger). I really like food from other countries, not that I don't like Swedish food, it is just fun when you can vary. I love Mexican food and sushi but I can't really decide what is my favorite. If someone asks me what my favorite dish is, I say food :)
Do you like food from other countires? Which one?

Qoute - Moe, Simpsons

Btw, I got an interview for a job in Norway on Monday :) wish me luck!

Written by: Britta

Oh vad kul, grattis och lycka till! Berätta mer när du vet! Och min favoriträtt är nog också mat :)

2010-04-23 @ 20:26:49

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