The pilgrims was not ilegal immigrants

I'm having trouble starting up with my routins again after Dublin adn the easter break. I really need routin and I'm trying hard to get back on track but it is harder than it seems. Specially when I don't really have anything to go after. Sure, I have my two hours of Spanish class but after a recent development, I find myself not wanting to got there anymore. I'm not complaining, even though it may seems so, I just feel bad for not updating my blog and try to find valid excuses for it, which there is none. And with the sun shining and the degrees getting higher and higher everyday I really want to go to the beach.

But right now, I am actually deep in my Spanish books!

Qoute - Bart, Simpsons

Written by: Britta

Nu har du pluggat spanska i över en vecka(?)! Jag tycker det är dags för ett nytt blogginlägg.

2010-04-18 @ 11:29:36

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