I don't care for it either, but it is the social convention

Escuela oficial de idiomas
O woke up at six something (??) because they were doing some very loud construction (I'm guessing) work or someone just felt like sawing through metal for an hour. It was extremely painfull and I tried to shut my balcony doors but without sucess because I was really dizzy, I almost fell when I went out of bed in pure anger. When the alarm sounded an hour and a half later, I just couldn't manage to get up, I was still dizzy for some reason. I guess it all comes from that I haven't ogt any sleep in the last two days, this night was my night to catch up (I did not have a nap yesterday) but due to other circumstanses, that did not work. So I skipped class today. Hopfully, it is gonna result in a lot of independent Spanish studying.

Me and Mr. M went to the movie a couple of days ago and we saw Clash of the Titans. I liked the move (Mr. M didn't) exept from one thing. SPOILERALERT! They show the final scene on the poster. Reallly?! It doesn't take a genius to see that it is not the very last scen but the final scen of the problem of the movie, so to say, and they put that on the poster? Someone did not do a good job.

As I said, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish :)

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT

Written by: nicki

Hoppas du mår bättre idag och har fått sova!

2010-04-08 @ 09:27:22

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