If anyone needs me, I´ll be at my room

Sorry, my mistake. The girls are coming tomorrow and not today. That give me one extra day for studying (yeah, like I´m really putting myself into that one). There´s a packed schedule and I suspect that the stores of Malaga is gonna make good profit the coming weekend. And now the weather is awesome so there´s nothing that can go wrong.

Missing "home"
I got the question if I miss Sweden the other day. And, to my somewhat suprise I quickly answered "no". and after reflecting on it, I relized that I do not miss Sweden. Maybe it is all the crap that is dispayed on my facebook news feed or maybe I just don´t really feel a special connection to a country just because I grew up in it. I do miss my friends, my things and sometimes to be able to spontaneously talk to someone at the bus stop, grocery store or on the street. But my friends are the same, regardless of my whereabouts and things are movable and noone really spontaneously talk to anyone anyway in Sweden. So I do not miss Sweden, sorry.

Do you feel contected to "your" country?

I´m still to shy to spontaneously talk spanish and I feel insecure but I know that I have been writing a lot about when I feel really bad about my spanish so I thought that I would write something positive. I´m talking more and more and even if me and Mr. M still are kind of struggling with it, I have other friends to talk to. It´s not that I´ve been missing ppl to talk to, it´s just that I haven´t felt comfortable to talk until now and have preffered to speak english. But now, it´s gonna be more and more.

Qoute - Lisa, Simspons (previous entry Mr. Burns, Simpsons)

Written by: Britta

"...so there´s nothing that can go wrong" ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :-p Men det var fantastic och jag är jättenöjd trots våra små (?) missöden!

2010-05-26 @ 10:48:33

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