Frostbites took his nose, excellent

I decided that this is gonna be the day where I get a lot of small things done, you know, all of those things that is always on your mind and don't necessarly take so muhc time but you don't just do them, or stuff that you really want to do but you keep pushing it because of all those small things that you really need to get done before you can concentrate. This is my eternal evil cirkel and in the end, I just sit in front of my computer and watch episode after episode of some tv-show, when I actually want to make and awsume drawing or install the Sims 3 but don't because I need to buy an airplane ticket, send some email and do my declaration. As you can guess, my blog got into this evil cirkel and I just stopped writing. But I feel that I am on my way out of this and today is the day where all those small things are gonna be done and finished.

Later, if I manage to do those things, I'm gonna reward myself by buying half a kilo of strawberries for 0,75€. I'm just saying it is cheap and I love strawberries. Love them!

Qoute - Mr Burns, Simpsons


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