Run Forrest, run!

It´s the first time I had a run for a month and it feels insanely good. I think I ran more than usual. The distance I run is around 7 km and I am not fit enough to run all of that. But my goal is to be able to run the whole distance by the end of this month (huge pressure, right now). Anyway, let´s talk about something a little more interesting instead. Along the beach walk (where I run) there´s numerous of fun things to take a picture off and wonder what it is. Sometimes, it happens, that me and Mr. M walks from my place to his (the beach walk is in between and that is also the reason why I run there) and during those occasions, I´ve been taking picture.

Virgen along the beachwalk. For the ones lost at sea.

This is Virgen del Carmen and this picture is located along the beach walk. In English she is called Our lady of Mount Carmel and she´s apperently Virgin Mary, but in another role. The role is patroness for the Carmelite order (according to the English wikipedia) and the patroness of the sea (in the Spanish wikipedia). She is celebebrated on the 16 of June and she´s the patroness of Fuengirola. I guees she protect´s the people at sea and stuff around it. Her clothing has a specifik meaning to, it wasn´t there from the beginning but after someone had a vision where the virgin Mary gave him the brown "dress" it became very important for the whole thing. It plays an important role during the fesitivities.

I guess you all expected something a little more interesting. This is a catholic country (as far as I understand) so whenever there´s anything said about a virgin. It´s about the ultimate virgin of the all. The one who gave birth to God´s son (and many others, but let´s not talk about that)

Qoute - Jenny, Forrest Gump (movie)


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