She knew my one weakness, that I am weak

Easter in Spain is called pascua and that is the easter that most people are used to (as far as I know) with eggs and easter bunnies. But here they don't really celebrate pascua but semana santa instead. Semana santa is holy week and each day belong to a saint (they love saints here). They have processions where huge scupluters of Jesus and Maria is carried around. There's several of them every day/ night for about a week or so.
I'm not really into religious things but this is a thing that is really different and as everything gets international and alike, this is a thing worth seeing. I guess many of you know that people going in this "parade" are dressed like what we know as KKK (no connection as I know) and that is a bit scary. They come in different colors but when they are all white and carries a cross, I get a little nervous. It is quite frightening.

It's coming, It's coming
I life next to the cathedral here (kind of cool) and these thing comes out of the cathedral (naturally) so yesterday when me and a friend tried to pass by the cathedral (to get home after being at a teteria), it was almost impossible, it was people everywhere. Earlier that day, it had been green dresses but now, they were dressed all in white. We decided to stay and watch the spectacle for a while. And out came this huge sculpture of Jesus, carried by a lot of people and they just kept walking forward, towards us. It was, as I mention, a lot of people, where would they go? This thing just came closer and closer and everyone started to move backwards. I have no idea how all that people managed to split apart and make room for that thing but we suceeded and for a brief moment I was staring up on a half naked Jesus. It was intense...

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