One- way ticket purchased!

Ok, I've just booked my flight to Malaga. I will be leaving this rain next Monday. Until then, I guess I just have to do as much as I can with all the things I always have to do :)
It has been a lot of flying for me lately and I guess that it becomes easier and easier for every time but I'm always gonna be nervous about it. Because I've done so "much" flying I have also done a lot of searching for cheap flights. In the end it seems that ryanair and norwegian are the best. Atleast when you live where I live. It's closer and cheaper for me to go to Norway and fly from there than to go anywhere in Sweden to fly.
The thing I found the most difficult is to know where the companies fly to and from where. When you live in Bengtsfors (as I currently do) and wants to go to the south of Spain (Malaga) it's not always easy to find tickets, at all.

No matter how far the upphill is, I just have to walk it

I guess I should write, now that I sent in my first article to Norska magasinet. It's nervous because I'm not really sure my article turned out to what they wanted. I really hope it did. Nowdays I let the article kind of decide what it's gonna be about, they always turn out best in that way. I start iwth a frame, an idea of what the beginning, middle and ending should be about and a reason why that's important. But the reason stays in my head, as something to keep me writing. But as the work prograss, stuff can happen, I may not find information, the information I have may be wrong or not actually suit. Then I have to change and take another direction and the article kind of does that by itself, I just try to keep it on track, with a content that have reason.
I'm nervous.
I'm actually a day before deadline or maybe right on. But I feel proud of myself. I didn't stress it and at the same time, I was finished in time. I hope I have developed a lot since my first articles in the local paper. Even though, I have to say that I have a kind of funny way to write. I can't really explain how and I guess most people find it childish but I don't seem to get rid of it. I can only hope Norska magasinet will like it.
The only other thing going on is me missin Johnson city like a crazy person. I feel bad every time i miss JC becuase it feel like I'm undermining my time in Karlstad, which is not my intention at all. I loved my time in Karlstad and I miss that a lot too, but it kind of already had its grief period and now I it's kind of JC's turn. It sounds so serious and everything but trust me. I know I am like this. I'm really sentimental and memories is everything for me. I don't take it to serious all the time, or atleast I try.
Right now, I'm thinking about that the 22 of Aug last year, I boarded the plane to JC. And then everything happen really fast and slor at the same time. I wanted to go back to Karlstad so bad. And now I want to go back to JC, the irony is obvous. But I can assure you that I will not want to go back to where I am not, next year. I will probably miss this year...
btw, thank you for reading!!

The upphill just got longer...

I just want to make it clear that I don't want a vacation buddy, I want a moving buddy. It's not that I don't understand that people has other stuff they rather do than move to Spain with me. Of course  understand that it is scary as hell to just stop their life and go and do something completely else. It is scary, it's really scary. And I do understand that people don't just sit around, doing nothing and waiting for something to happen. Everyone have responsibilities that they can not leave. But please, don't tell me you want to if you don't plan to actually do it...
But I really don't want a vacation friend.

Now it's upphill and I can't see the top

I woke up at noon today and when I looked out the sky was white and grey, my computer say it's 17 C outside. I guess even the birds and the animals are avoiding the bad weather because it is completely silent outside. My mom had the radio on when she's making lunch, atleast some kind of sound. This is really depressing and I feel like staying under a blanket and watch tv. But I promised myself to have my article done for today and to get my tradera account ready for selling stuff.
And of course, get some pictures posted on my blog.

Malaga by Day

For my article in the Norwegian Magazine, they wanted to have pictures of me where you can see that I am in Malaga. What better place is there than the actual view of Malaga. So me and Mr M went up to the looking point again to take photos for it. I guess I should give him credits for everything when he was the one with the idea, the one who provided the camera that can take good pictures and the person who actually took the pictures. This time the fair is not in the top right corner, this picture was taken yesterday (Tuesday) and the fair was over on Sunday.

A day of Facebook

Ok, today has been a day of rest. I'm still a bit confused of getting back in Sweden. It feels like I have been gone forever and no time at all. Sometimes I question what is real and not, maybe not that extreme but you know when the feeling of "am I really doing this/ did I really do that" appear.
I have worked a little on the pictures for my article and I have tried to organize myself in my head. Not the easiest task. Right now I feel a little sad because I just found out that two of my friends will not be able to see eachother when they had plan to. I'm not gonna tell their story but it makes me sad that life is so unfair. Life is really unfair and in this case I'm really lucky. It is hard to be away from Mr M and even though we are far away from eachother we are the lucky ones when it comes to the inernational relationships I know about. We are closer than most and there's no barrier for us to go and visit eachother (exept for the money one, but money is always a barrier). I gues the easiest of all would have been to find someone next door but I obviouslt don't like it to make it easy for myself and Mr M, well, he doesn't seem to like it easy either.
When we visited Fuengirola, there was a lot of apartments to rent and as soon as I have my flight ticket, I will dig into that issue. The good thing about today is that mostly (if not everything, done it the right way) can be done at the Internet. My wishes are to find a furnished apartment with internet, that's all I ask.
Tomorrow will be a good and productive day

Back in Sweden :(

Sadly enough, I'm back in Sweden. But I'm planning to organize everytthing to go back as fast as I can. Not that I don't want ot be in Sweden in general, I just like to be in Spain more. The first thing I need to do is to get a plane ticket, or maybe get S to come with me... :) then I need to keep my deadline the 1 of September. I started at the airport and I am quite satisfied with the result. I need to do some researching, grammar correction and make the text come even more alive and then of course edit my photos.
My head is currently bubbeling of ideas, I also need to make a list of them (which I learned in US) and do a little research for them before I can pitch them for magazines.
I'm crossing my fingers that everything is gonna work out
and pictures are coming!!!

Heading back to the cold, cold north

My plane leaves from 6 am tomorrow from Alicante so we are gonna drive up there today and sleep as much as we can at a hotel there so that Mr M doesn´t have to drive in the middle of the night up there and then in the early morning drive back to Malaga, without getting any sleep. I don´t know if there´s gonna be so much sleep anyway, my traveling nerves always keep me up, but I´m not the one driving anyway.
An article I wrote months ago to the local paper got published today, which means a little more cash in the end of this month or next month :)
The first thing I´m gonna do when I get home is talk to S, to see if we can make her "craving" come true, buy plane tickets and of course write my article (that is my top priority)
Next time I write, I´ll be back in Sweden (btw, I don´t think it is that cold there, atleast not now)

Malaga by Night

We went uphill to were all the tourists look at Malaga. the original idea was to go by day and by foot but it ended with us going by night and by car. Lazy people, I know. It was cool to see the entire city from up there and with be bull fight arena in the middle. The feira is in the top right corner, the only thing you see is a small blue light, which is the farris wheel, I guess. Only half of the city got cought in the picture, but it is the half with the bull fight and the feria, the other half didn´t really have anything, as far as I could see.

Det Norske Magasinet

Ok, I got an article. :) Happy, happy me!!!
The Norwegian magazine wants an article about the work situation for people like me (born in the 80´s) and how it is to move to Spain. The econimic situation is the same all around the western world but I still believe that moving could help it a little bit, to not be stuck in the same place, applying for the same jobs over and over again. But there´s still a lot of insecurity of moving to another country and try to apply for a job there, specially when you don´t know the languge but still wants to be independent and do it on you own. I told them about my blog and why I have it and they seemed to like my thoughts about stuff. The article has to be in Norwegian so I have to be extra careful when I write it. It has to be flawlessly in Norwegian.
I´m the first one to say that despite the likeness of the Scandinavian languages, they are in fact, different languages and should be treated as such. Being bilingual, as I am, in two of those languages is hard when they are so similar but I do think I have a feeling for what is Norwegian and what is Swedish, sometimes I even correct my mom in her own mother tounge (Norwegian) but she knows five languages more or less so she´s allowed to be confused. As a writer in three languages, I´m not allowed.
I have to start my research right away, when the article is due Sept 1

Job interview numero dos

Okay, I got another job interview. Kind of. I tihnk I already told that theey already said that they don´t have any jobs but they might want me as a freelancer, and that would be awseume. I really hope i get something, I´m gonna be at my best. the interview is at 3 pm so I have to go and get ready now. I haven´t eating anything the whole day so I need to do that to.
I´m really tired too, even thought I had a good nights sleep, I´m really tired all the time even though I sleep good and well. Maybe that is my problem, I sleep to good and to well :) Or maybe just too long. I´m never outside until four and then I´m only outside for a couple of hours. I haven´t got any tanned but my plan is to move here so I´m gonna work on it then.
It´s gonna be long day

Sentimental feelings

I guess the thing you miss is the last fun thing you did. For me, that is now my year at ETSU, Johnson city, USA. When I first came to US I wanted to return immidiatly, but I wanted to return to what I had before the summer. My life in Karlstad in my dorm and being a student at Karlstad University. i was really comfortable with that life and I didn´t wanna loose that at all. But all my friends were more or less getting finished with their studies and moving on with their life so i had to do that to and going to the US was a way to prospone the grown-up life. Actually, I spend my first three or four days crying, calling my mom, asking why I´m doing this. I also wrote in my blog that I wanted to go home and I don´t see the use of this at all. But time went by and now I´m sitting here, missing my life in US like  crazy. I grew comfortable with that life too and now I want to go back there.
The difference is, that i still see and talk to the people from Karlstad, their are my closest friends and even though I don´t see them so often, i know that I´m gonna. I don´t know with the US ones, I saw some of them this summer and I hope in my deepest corner of my heart that I will see everybody again but the chances are really slim. Probably I´m never gonna see most of them again. And that makes me really sad and even more sentimental.
I guess my only way out of this is a new adventure that scares me to death and I´m trying. I´m trying to move to Spain and work with a friend. But today, there seem to be no jobs, anywhere..... th economic crisis is shit. And most of my friends, as I aldready said, has moved on with their lifes and are doing new adventures of their own.
Well, the ones who lives will see what happens

Crepes, typical Swedish

I discovered in US that crepes is pancakes, every where but in Sweden. In Sweden, crepes is a filled pancake with melted cheese. A pancake in US is, of course, those fat ones with syrup and fruit and crepes are the thins ones, the ones we in Sweden call pancakes.In Spain, pancakes doesn´t exist at all. The American pancakes are American, obviously and those ones that are pancakes in Sweden are called crepes. I have to say that I thought that crepes was a french dish, but when a guy from france made pancakes in US, he as well called them crepes. So my conclusion is that crepes, that will say, a pancake filled with something and put in the owen with cheese, is a Swedish invention.
And why am I thinking about this matter. Because I made crepes, swedish style, for Mr M, his sister and her boyfriend today. I think they all liked it, they ate it all, which is always a good indicator.

Reaaaaaly typical

I´ve been trying a lot of really typical food since I came. I´ve been hearing a lot of all the typical stuff. There´s more typical stuff than food, places and clothing as well. Today was my last typical experience. Tomorrow we are gonna go to the arabic castle in Malaga, but that is very turistic so it doesn´t count as a reaaaally typical thing (atleast that´s what I hear). Anyway, the last typical thing was not so much the food but the way of serving. we went to a place where they shouted out the dishes and you had to call the waiter to get that dish. No menues, no personal plates. Everything for everybody and every plate had its own thing, it could be fish, schrimps, squid, octupus or something else they found in the sea. It was a kind of stressful way of eating and sometimes it could take some time before the dish you wanted passed by screaming but the schrimps and the company was good so I didn´t mind. After that we went for ice cream but as my stomach doesn´t go well with dairy I had a slushy instead, not very typical but atleast it was lemon.

At the pool

Finally we went to the pool and I could´t help myself to take a picture of my fli flops andthe sun. even thought it was kind of windy and I guess I got used to the temperature so i don´t find it so hot anymore. We stayed in the pool until we were raisins and then went up to dry and then back to the apartment. It is really cool with a pool in the backyard where you can go and swim at any time you want to, with no sand and the only thing you need to bring is the towel. Well, maybe not at anytime, it closes at 10 pm and we have to bring and id that gives us permission to be there and of course the house keys (a bit hard to get back in otherwise). We haven´t been to the pool too much, though, so much other stuff to do. I think this was the second or third time and this time I took some pictures.
I plan to post a lot more pictures but I didn´t bring my computer this time so I have to use Mr M´s computer and I don´t want to save my pictures there so I have to copy them from my camera. It´s not hard or complicated, I´m just to lazy to do it. I hope however, that this pics say something about my stay here :)

Lotion in a bathtub...

... would have been nice, but for now I have to be satisfied with lotion on a bottle. I´m starting a new rutin with putting a lot on me every morning. I´m red but not really badly burned. Later today we´re gonna go to the pool and I hope for two things, cooling down my skin and get some sun so that I can even out my so called tan.
I´m getting excited about my interview on Monday. It is not until 3 pm so we decided to spend the day in Fuengirola. Apparently that´s were the Swedish colony is located (more or less) so we´re gonna check it out.
I have 10 euros left but I suspect that I´m gonna use my card a few times before I head home. I have to be careful not to spend to much. I owe some friends money and my prinicple is that my money shopuld go there first. I´m not really following my principle right now but if I know my friends right, they don´t mind. I mean, they are after all my best friends (I have a lot of best friends, not to brag, but there´s a lot of people I like)
Now, it´s lunch!

Red like a lobster

After spending basically all my days here waking up around one-ish and leaving the house at two, three-ish, I felt that it was time to be a full time tourist and go to the beach for the whole day and get red as a freaking lobster. So I told my mr M(wich is by the way, the mr who I am staying with and basically the mr who opened my eyes for leaving Sweden and getting a job here instead) and he thought it was a good day to. We decided to wake up early. At eleven. I love that eleven is early in the morning here. My aunt told me to get my butt out of bed and eat breakfast when she called and woke me up at eleven in Sweden before I left. Because I basically wasted the whole day. Early at eleven, one of my favorite things.
Before we left for the beach one of the magazines I have sent my resume to called me back and wants me to visit them on Monday. She (the editor and chief over the whole thing) already told me that they are not looking for anyone to hire right now but they might want some freelancing stuff. I actually do think this blog would make a great freelancing stuff. I mean, it is of interest for people in the media business that are looking for a job and of interest of Swedish people in Spain looking for a job. Atleast that´s what I believe but noone else but the ones who read this blog can say for sure.
We spent the whole day in the beach and now I got the right red color for calling me a tourist. In the end we ate sardin prepared in a typical way and it was good but my favorite so far has been the shrimps, how I love those shrimps.
I´m leaving Wednsday next week and it feels like I have been here forever and no time at all. I´m crossing my fingers that S really wants to move here with me, that I will get a job and find a cheap apartment.
I am gonna post pictures from basically everything but I´m gonna do that when I get home and in front of my own computer.

Feria in Malaga!!!

Ok, even though I am looking for a job this is also kind of an vacation and prats of it is spend in the beach and parts of it is spend in the feria. It´s crazy and really fun. A lot of people are dressed in the typical spanish dress and myself have got a flower and one of those wavy things for the heat. They are so beautiful in those dresses and the kids are adorable. Everybody are drinking and I don´t think I have never seen or heard about more "typical" things for a place. Typical drinks, typical food, typical places and typical clothing. It´s all very typical and I like everything.
Maybe I got a new traveling partner, maybe. S tells me she wants to go but is afraid because she doesn´t know English, I don´t believe that, at all. I thought I didn´t know English and more or less refused to talk to the exchange students at Karlstads university but at some point I just felt stupid not saying a word so slowly I started to talk and suddenly I felt really comfortable with it and when I went to U.S to study I didn´t even see the difference between Swedish and English. I saw it, i read it and I understood it. More than that was useless, it could be in Swedish or in English, it´s the same.
Now, I´m off to the swimming pool and then it´s margerita time (I know, Mexican, but still)
btw, pictures are coming soon, stay tuned!!!!

No job, no fun

As for now, everything is not going that great... I got kind of an job interview but as I expected the fact that I don´t know Spanish is against me. It did feel like he wanted me to get in touch when I do know Spanish, but that doesn´t really do any good right now. So, that´s one paper down. I also got an answer from the Swedish school in Marbella but the told me, thanks but no thanks. I have one phonecall to do while I´m here but that is pretty much it, after that there´s the Swedish radio station but they don´t start until September and the rest of them have not answered me, yet.
I have actually no idea what to do now. I am stuck. I have noone to move here with and jobs are going slow. As I said when I started this blog, I truly hope that I don´t have to close it......

In Malaga

I have arrived. I didn´t get any sleep last night so after seven hours of car ride and three hours of flight, I am dead tired. It is hot here and I am afraid that I´m not gonna get to much sleep anyway.
I discovered that I fly with and enjoyable fear. Something never feels quite right being so high up in the clouds but there´s something really cool being above the clouds and see the world so tiny.
I landed in Alicante and instead of the greenness of Sweden, everything had an brown- orange color. After that I went by car to Malaga, where I am now. Today has been about nothing and tomorrow I´m gonna go and get me contacts and jeans and then I have no plans until Monday where I´m gonna visit Sydsvenskan. I cross all my fingers and tumbs that I can be of some use to them.
That´s all for now...

Today Sweden, tomorrow Spain

Finally I'm done with the job at the pizzeria. I did my last day yesterday and today I have been packing and sending job application emails. I have sent applications to;
  • Ace FM
  • Sydkusten
  • En Sueco
  • Svenska Skolan
  • Web Express Guide
  • Costa Link Magazine
  • Absolute Magazine
  • Solymar
Most of them are magazines and radiostations, but also one school, that are looking for a teacher in Swedish and "society". I'm not an educated teacher but I would really enjoy being one. I like to teach and learn :). Not all of them has answered and those who has are not that positive for a job but I'm crossing my fingers and hope that someone will find me useful.
A not so great news is that B isn't gonna move with me. She is however doing what she wants to do so I am happy for her.
Tomorrow I'm going for my fist visit to Spain, I can't wait. I'm packing and trying to organize myself but as always, I have tons of stuff that I haven't done. This blog is one of them. I'm still not done with the heading but I hope I'm gonna get some pictures from my first visit to finish my heading with.

Time runs faster and faster

Finally, I got a job in Sweden so that I can pay for the flight ticket and my stay in the beginning in Spain. I'm busting my ass in the local pizzeria. It was seven years or so since the last time I was there. It is defenitly an experience and the people in this town is a kind of it's own. I'm happy I got that job, cus it's only for a week.
Now I'm at home, out of my pants, in bed and without my glasses. I can't afford getting contacts, yet, and I'm really tired of wearing my glasses. Soon, I'm gonna go on my first trip to Spain and there's still so many things to do. I'm off tomorrow and the day after that and I'm gonna spend that time to take care of all the stuff I decided I need to do.
One of them is to update this blog a lot more :)

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