Don't dance... ever

Made a friend today, in my class. The class where I've been feeling like the akward kid no one actually wants to talk to. But to today a broke the ice a little bit by saying "I really don't know what I'm doing and I don't know what were doing, in general" and even though everyone else kind of got the point of everything I was not alone with being lost. So I got invited to join a girl to maybe get something useful done. And then I said the phrase "Were do should I appear" which broke the ice a bit more cus everybody laughed and said it was really, really cute that I said it like that. I'm never cute, I don't say cute things and I am never ever ever the "cute one" so that was a first and I liked it :)

I should have said "where should I be"... but it wasn't wrong just a little bit wierd and then everyone agreed on that they are so lucky that they have an international student in their class.

I need to get things done. Tomorrow one of my priorities is to finish up my prolonging and applie for the Washington seminar plus doing WPM II and at five I'm going with my ne found friend to dinner so that we can do the things we couldn't do today. Tomorrow will be a busy, busy day and I love it.

I say sometimes that I neeed to have my routine and people (of course) don't know what I mean so they response with asking why, cus routine is boring. But not my routine.. my routine is up early and school to four, then some excersie and then varoius projects or anything... like FiM, crouchering, scrapbooking, movies, amnesty, cinema, colouringbooks, sims2, boardgames or just hanging out. Every day at home is like a special play day in kinder garden and when FiM starts going there might 4-5 hours of sleep a night for a week and everything ends with this great party. My routine is far from boring and grey, I love my routine and I'm depending on to take it up again when returning.

Right now I'm missing the exercise bit of it but I'll be there soon, It's only my fourth week or so.

Got a C and a B- today on somethings I handed in last week, the thing was I misunderstood that we were supposed to write our comments on the actual hand in, I just thought we should discuss it in class.. Well, I'm not a particulary grade kind of person and I never had excellent grades..

I think though that my roommate will kill me soon. I keep waking her up every morning, I would be pissed at me.


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