I'm sweetn' like a pig

It is really, really hard to get used to the weather. Right now it is 29 C outside and 21 C inside... but it feels really, really cold inside.. But I think that Emmie and me has it warmer in our room than everywhere else inseide, cus we doesn't use the airconditioner... I refuse... :) So I guess it maybe is 18 C inside.. It is not hard to get use to that is is that hot outside, it is actually really nice but the thing that enoys med is that it is so cold inside.. And I expect it to be colder outside than inside cus that is how I've been living my live for 24 years. I understand that they want it colder inside but it would be nice not to actually freeze as soon as I go inside.

Kimberly invited me to a party on Tuesday and we were supposed to talk on facebook about it but I havenät got the time to actually send her a message and I guess it is the same thing the other way around. I'm thinking to not to anything about it cus I'm kind of stressed and I don't know the right thing to do and I just assume that there will come other opportunities. But I really like the comment Maja did when I told her:
- Did you tell her that you are six people?
I like to belong to a group :) I started a joke with Signe about how we are like a amoeba (amöba.. kollade nordstets men jag är skeptisk till vöersättningen) and that comment fits right in to that joke.

Time has never been my friend and it sure isn't getting any better. I'm late to basically everything and Bob thinks it's strange that I keep being late when I know about it but this is really nothing I can do anything about, I try every day and every time to do something about it but I just don't have any perception of time and time always work against me. Even though I'm Swedish I think that Sweden tend to take time a little to serious and a little to personal which kind of affects me in a bad way.. even though I always feel ashamed of being late and I know that it is no one elses fault but mine. There's no excuses... But still... relax a bit :)

My friend just called :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Superfantasticsupernice :D
She kind of knew about everything already thought.. I guess I tell the most important parts here :)


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