Maybe Baby

Okay, talked to Maria Costa yesterday and the ball is in motion. I'm going to stay, it will cost me but I'm staying. And my classes are becoming more and more clear to me, two of them is like the journalistik class at home, the class I took and actually finished stuff during rahter than after, one of them is like the grafisk from and photo class I took but only regarding one lesson, the lesson that was the most fun and the last one is like one of the first classes I had in MKV but without a useless ignorant book and with actuall usefull information. I feel like I'm learning :)
But I still don't know what classes I'm going to take next year. It will be a suprise.. Would be fun to go to Washington though.. but the cost is gonna be a problem I think.. 1 000 dollars, I don't think I ever will have that amount of money to spend, well if I haven't bought this stupid pc that has not giving me anything but trouble (okay, somethings but they are not overrepresentative) I might have had that kind of cash.


I was kind of thinking about,

A girl in my class invited me to a party on friday, don't know how serious she was and don't wanna be overexcited and reveal the dork that I am. But I know I will be thorn cus I want to go and see the sex and the city movie and hang out with my friends and go to this party. But I think that I will choose the party, cus maybe there will be others there with journalism as a major and I would really lik to hear why they choose that and how their understanding about things are.


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