Seventeen years...

It probably took me about 16 years before I figured out how to study and to actually do it. To bad I can't saty in scool for no longer than 18 years.. I have one year left, at best..
I really like my classes, they are orginazed and I'm basically sure of what to do. Right now I'm reading some articles even though I don't know if they were for last week or for this week.. but I figure it out..

Played pool yesterday and relized that I really suck at it. But that's okay, I don't care... It's that I don't want to ruin for everone else. Today we are going out to see a band play at this coffee house we'we been at before.

My jetlag is defently gone now, I overslept today and didn't really relize it but in the end it didn't matter cus our class was cancelled due to the labor day even though it was yesterday. A bit strange but still.

Back at home I love eating scrambled eggs for breakfast because I get it so seldom. It is only my mom who botter to cook in the morning, preparing and everything. But here at the lunch cafeteria, they have scrambled eggs every day.. And now I'm starting to get a little bit sick of it. I need to try something else. Maybe I should try the sugarbuns with mushroom sauce.... seems kind of creepy but I will never know unless I try it.


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