Spanish 101

Or actually Spanish basic course (otherwise, we use the letter system in Sweden and not numbers) starts today. I know I wrote that I might have been called in and that I'm kind of expecting that I was. Anyway, I was and today I start. The most exciting part about it is the beer afterwards, I'm mostly looking forward to that one. Mmmmmm, beeer :)
And I'm looking forward to something moving forward in my life right now, everything is stuck like a plot story of a succesful sitcom (hehe, wasn't that one clever). No matter what I do, I seem to be at squere one again and have to do everything over again.
I transferred money to my swedish account (from norway) but I got the wrong number so it got transferred back again. It's not only lost time with my money but aswell, lost money in that giant digital leap backwards.
I got the papers for applying for taking a drivers license on sunday (personal delivery, very good) but when I went to take the eye sight test, the guy says that these papers are not valid. Once again, I thought I got one step forward but it turns out that I'm still on squere one.
I did, however, reorganize my room so that I will be able to sit there, at a desk, and play with my blog and other exciting stuff.... but, as I reoganized, a lot of stuff with nowhere to go emerged and are now on the floor in a big pile, just waiting for me to do something about it.
All in all, I'm glad my mom did my laundry....

Postat av: Eva

Som sagt hon anser att hon har rätten till det eftersom hon känt oss i 2,5 år...

Snygg blogg du har =)

2011-09-10 @ 11:16:02
Postat av: Nova

Tycker du att blogga ? Vi tror att du kan tjäna minst 400 kr varje månad om du börjar rekrytera nya medlemar till vårt blogg nätverk betalar 2 kr för en ny medlem + 50 % av deras investering på vårt sajt till ditt konto.Du kan välja sen att dra pengarna via paypal eller köpa själv en av våra vip eller mynt paketer som du kan använda för att få traffik eller som annonsering av din blogg.Trevligt att läsa om dig :)

2013-09-07 @ 00:05:02

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