A most elegant solution

I agree with Manu, adulthood is still something in front of me. Something that means doing the same thing year after year and never be completely satisfied with it. I'm doing as Pippi Långstrump, I'm never growing up.
I just had a phonecall with someone who might would had a job for me. I got the phonenumber from an old friend of my mom and dad back from when we lived in Nueva Andalucia. They suprisingly didn't need anyone but she got my phonenumber to give to other people she knows. Which is good but I feel a little fed up with this business, noone needs anyone, there's no jobs, at all. My friends in the same business are struggling to, I guess it's a closed thing only avaiable for those who where lucky enough to get into it in the 70's and those who are the kids of these people.
And, I already got a job so I'm not to excited about looking for another and right now I just feel that they can keep their stupid jobs for themselfes, I'm gonna get one in time anyway.
I'm facebboking and farmvilling so much, I forget about breakfast


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