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Well, Mr M and his sister went to Marocco this weekend to I am all alone in their apartment. It feels a little wired but also very relaxing... I need to make som phonecalls, publish stuff on my blog, go through the website of my new employers and take a descicion if I need to buy some new clothes for my job.
I know that it shouldn't be a priority of mine when I'm almost 400€ in dept (close friends, but still) and i really like the clothes and style I have. Never the less, I know I dress a lot younger than I am and my looks don't really help me either.
For example. The other day, I was with my new boss to the Norwegian association to present the company and while my boss was talking to the president of the association one of the other guys (man, gentleman, old man, fellow) asked me if I was still in school. As I start to get fairly used to this (like the time at the airport) I laughed and said, that I finished school and that I am probably a lot older than he think I am. He replied that, wel, I guess youre not sixteen, then....
I think it is fun and if people assume I'm 25 when I am 35 I shouldn't complain. In a world where people go crazy for the tiniest wrinkel and spend most of their adult life trying to look like they are around twenty again, I feel kind of lucky looking like I do. But I am aware that my clothes kind of helps. A jeans skirt, t-shir with print and converse doesn't really say newly graduadet 25-year old in comunications.
So, therefore, I need to consider if I should spend money I don't have to buy clothes to make a professional impression when I'm out talking about this company.
The job I got is kind of promotion/sales/recruit person. I am gonna promote the company and recruit members to it. If I'm good, it's a good job and if I suck, it's gonna be a sucky jobb.

Written by: Manu

I understand how u feel!

I am thinking about buying some good clothes as I am becoming a teacher in one week from now and I have no idea what kind of an impression I should give to the others, if just my casual jeans and everyday-use t-shirts are fine or if I should start getting rid of those garments I never wear and leave some space in the closet for shirts and maybe a nice pair of shoes...

adulthood... sounds too big for me still.

lots of kisses, take care and hope to see u soon!

2009-09-24 @ 17:23:32
Written by: jensan

hej mimmi! ja jag bloggar för fullt :) Haha. är inte så duktig på att koda än men det kommer väl.. Hoppas allt är bra med dig! Kram

2009-09-25 @ 12:04:08

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