Computer meltdown

well, my ASUS is know to give me trouble... it has been around getting help before and I should have known the warning signs... like a sudden blue screen saying that windows had a crash and when started up again a pop up window saying that windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown. But it always seem to be fine in the end so I didn´t pay to much attention to it. I should have. Now the screen popped up, my computer tried to restart but with no luck, three times, four times, five and six times.... didn´t work. So now, my harddrive is out of the box, getting some fresh air before it goes back in to get wiped out.. again... I have no idea how many times I have reinstalled windows..
This is not my days.
On the upper hand, I´m more than happy about the responses about English and obviously I can´t no anything else than continue writing in this fine language... It´s a good way of praciticing (even though I speak it all the time).
And Manuel, I´m already looking forward to your visit and I´m gonna sign up for a language course in November (if thigns goes as they should) to speed things up a little bit.
Btw, I have a mosquito bite under my foot, for real...

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Get a MAC

2009-09-30 @ 18:34:29

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