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I seem to be out of luck these days. It's probably some freudian things behind it, like I feel really uncomfortable talking Spanish so I drag out on the fact that I have to take the bus by myself and that I am actually really nervous about if I really can handle my new job so I drag out on the signing the contract and finishing up the radio stuff I have to do.
Anyway, so when I tried to take the bus yesterday morning. I had practiced in how to say "can you give me a hint when the busstop by the trainstation is approching" but I hadn't practiced anything that he would say back to me, if he would answer... which, of course, he did (the busdriver was a he) so my conclusion was that he didn't want to give me a heads up, but when I think about it, he probably gave me some direction to get there... but how would I know.
Anyhow, I sat down in the bus and thought, how hard can it be... well, not to hard but I had to go back and forth a couple of times before I figured out where I was and where I was headed and as I (somewhat proud of myself) approach the line for the bus ticket to Fuengirola I relized that I was way too late.. the next bus wasn't until 12:15 which would probably place me in Centro Idea right about 2 pm. The thing is that I have to take a bus from Puerto Blanco (where Mr. M lives) to the busstation, which takes half an hour (or more, depending on how lost you are) and then take the bus from the busstation to Fuengirola, which takes an hour and from Fuengirola take the bus to Mijas... which I have no idea how long that would take, but I assumed it would take me about an hour to find where that bus went from, which bus it was and how to get a ticket for it. And at 2 pm, it's siesta everywhere so there's no use at all calling anyone trying to get them to buy radio advertisment. So I went back home and promised myself that tomorrow I would be earlier and more alert and awake about what's going on around me.
Said and done, I went up when Mr M went up (like seven or eight) and had breakfast with him and then back to bed for a short nap.. and then into the shower, and then some clothes and makeup. So right about nine thirty I was ready to go to the bus when I reached for the doorhandle just to press it down and get out.... the door was locked. From the outside. I don't have any keys.
Well, I relized that i was kind of late for the 10:30 bus from the busstation anyway and there was no chance in hell that anyone would get back in time for unlocking the door.. so once again, I had to write to the radio. But this time I didn't promise to show up tomorrow, this time, I actually said, see you Friday.
It's not that I haven't done any work even though I haven't been at the station. I have a meeting on Friday to wrap up a contract and another call to make next Wednsday to set up a meeting. In the meantime I have called everyone on my "healthprogram" list and got some declines, some that are gonna email me and some that I have to call back. I am in fact, wrapping things up even though it seem like I'm trying to avoid it.
But back to my actual job. I have to start digging my head down the marketing plan and I still wonder what "informatör" is called in English, informant seem a little dumb.
Btw, the use of this blog being in English seem to be equal to none so I'm thinking about changing it to Swedish...
any objections?
The quote is from SpongeBob Squarepants episode about the tattler teller strangler, worth seeing!

Written by: Manu

Well, I will really miss your blog in English if u finally decide to write it in Swedish (I migt get an idea with google translator but, it won´t be the same anymore)

By the way, the story with the bus driver happened to me but change the location and set it in Ireland when they are supposed to speak something called English, don´t get frustrated my dear every start has its ups but also its downs so in a couple of years you will be able to speak a fluent Spanish (there is no point with lies :P )

Tell Mr. Marvel that I am planning on visiting Malaga in not too much time from now, and it would be cool to meet up after these months in between!

Lots of love,


2009-09-29 @ 17:03:51

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