Okay, I caved... but I actually manage to do something useful to!

Okay, I'm now an intense player of farmville in facebook. For those who don't know what it is, check out facebook... it's all over the place. If you still don't know. Well, get facebook!
Anyway. There's (believe it or not) actually a reality outside of facebook. I know that it might be hard to believ now when the dark, cold and completely lifeless surrondings are approching in Sweden, but that is in fact, the fact. (It's 23 celcious here and thunder, nevertheless 23 celcious, just to point that out)
In this reality, however.. I managed to perform some advertising for myself
and as soon as the article in "Norska Magasinet" is published online, I'll give you a link to that one too. Until then, you can find me on farmville.

Written by: Åsa

Bra jobbat Mimmi!

Jag ser fram emot att få läsa artikeln!


2009-09-16 @ 11:27:46
Written by: Sisella

Mimmi du e för bra!

har småfnissat sen referensen om lois & clark :)

2009-09-16 @ 13:22:15
Written by: Britta

Wow, vad tufft!

2009-09-16 @ 16:10:27

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