So bored, even farmville seems tempting

So, nothing is happening.. at all.. nothing..
I "booked" my room for October 1, so that is a check on my list. It's gonna be 240€/month without internet. I still have no job but tomorrow I'm gonna start my week of maybe getting a job. And that's all.
It is really frustrating to not know Spanish but I don't wanna sign up for any language school if I don't have a job (so that I can pay for it) but the moment 22 is that I kind of need the language school to be able to get a job in the first place. I'm worried that I'm not gonna be able to learn...
Nothing new other than that... I wish I had funny suff to tell and to write about, but until tomorrow nothing has happended at all.
One thing that kind of excited me (atleast) was the visit to Dunki´n coffee, mmm.. donuts :D


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