Time for an update

I guess it's time for me to write what I have been doing regarding my move to Spain the last couple of days. Even though I have a tendensy to get depressed where I currently am and don't really feel like doing anything else but watch tv and feel sorry for myself.
  • Applied for another job at Fuengirola Kiopraktiske Klinikk as a secretary
  • Ordered the insurance card for illnness and such
  • Mr M have looked at a room for me, total cost 270,5 € a month
The room thing is kind of freaking me out. First there's a basic rent fee of 250€ and then there's internet and elecricity to be paid every month on top of that, 12,5€ and 6€ each. Then, every third month, the water has to be paid, that's 6€. That's not enough, there's also a gas tank that has to be changed every twentyeith day so every fifth time is my turn to pay 10,5€. I don't really know what to do, should I take it or should I not....
And I don't have a job. I got that article, but I have no idea if I'm gonna get more. I got an email from the radio, saying that I might get a freelance once a week... but then nothing. I guess I don't have experience enough for any of the jobs I want. I have no idea how to get experience...without working.

Written by: Britta

2009-09-04 @ 15:06:08
Written by: Britta

En gång i veckan är väl bra till att börja med! Bättre än ingenting, så tänker jag...

Det där rummet verkar väldigt dyrt, fast jag har ju i och för sig ingen aning om vad hyrorna brukar ligga på i Spaninen...

2009-09-04 @ 15:07:59
Written by: Anonym

bueno pues yo comento en español ea

2009-09-05 @ 03:49:09

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