I'm just saying, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

Warmer weather?
For the last couple of days the extra blanket has been less and less needed, it seems like we're going towards warmer degress, yesterday it was 20+ and today 17+. I shouldn't say that it gets better, cus then it's gonna drop to 10+ and start raining again (I'm stressing the + cus I know that it is snow caos and minus degress in Sweden :))

I don't understand why I insist on being in school when I never ever study

Lost and found
Yesterday I had a goodbye dinner with one of my apartment mates. I'm starting to get use to the whole meeting new people for a period of time and then probably never gonna see them again. Unfortuanetly, it doesn't make it less sad. I tell myself that I am gonna see most of this people again and I truly hope and wish so. It is hard to have you friends spreaded across the world and across Sweden, it seem like none of them are in the same place. But, on the other hand, I always have places to visit.

In more or less two weeks, I'm going to Dublin. Still don't know what to do there.

Qoute - Leonard, TBBT


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