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Once again, I'm back at the café, trying to do something useful but mostly playing farmville instead. I wish I could blog all the time too, but I am really lazy and the lack of internet is not really helping.
I had the interview today (if you can call it that) I didn't really understand a lot she said but the point was mainly to tell me that tomorrow the results are gonna be posted and what hour do I want to have my class (I said nine) and that I have to pay on Friday (Viernes?) and that classes start on Monday. I meet some people too, a German girl and a man from somehwere that knew Swedish. Yesterday I spoke with a Maroccan girl. I'll probably meet a lot of people here....

A couple of days ago, when I was in the grocery store, I found something atleast I found fun. A relleno nordico (I don't understand why they call it relleno when that apparently is a typical dish from Chile) It's a common blanket...

Nordic (normal?) blanket

Until I went to the U.S, I expected that everyone has their bed as I always had it (and my friends and my family too). I've been to hotels that has it differently, with bed sheet, then another sheet and a blanket with the sheet folded over it on the top, but I just assumed that the sheet was just extra protection for the blanket, because the blanket still had the cover. As far as I know, you have a blanket and then you have a cover for it, like the pillowcase, but for the blanket. First of all, you cover the matress with the sheet. The first sheet and the pillows are the same, what is different is the whole blanket business.

As said, I thought that it was a blanket that you cover with a blanket case (let's call it that) so when I came to the U.S I was a bit confused when I got a blanket, but no "case" and noone else seemed to have it. I discussed this with Mr. M (that is my boyfriend that I met in the U.S) and he did not see a problem with this at all. In Spain they use the same idea but instead of a blanket, they use a fleeceblanket instead (I guess it's a bit warmer here).

The fun thing about the blanket in the grocery store is that they call it nordico. I always seen this as something completely ordinary but here it is something exotic from the north. As IKEA doesn*t seem to change accordingly to the country they are in, they sell blankets and cases, the same as they do in Sweden, so when the temperature dropped, all the blankets were gone in a second. All the new Spanish customers found this very interesting.

I guess that everything is exotic for someone.

Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl
Btw, I'm exicted for the new readers, I will try my best to not disapoint you :)


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