Common sense is the prejudices a person collected until an age of eigthteen

Right now
I really wish i had something interesting to write about, I looked around a bit at the website for the language school but cus it´s in Spanish I didn´t really get much. I wanted to tell you about when the course start and finish, what books you need to have and what they cost, if there´s any exams or written assigments and if there may be some kind of evidence that you´ve taken the course. All I know now is that I start tomorrow at 9 am and then I have class every weekday from 9-11 and that the course has so far cost me 67 €. That is all.

So in lack of understanding (and too lazy to start the big planet game) I´ve been looking around on other blogs at The reason why mine is in English is because I have friends that don´t speak Swedish and I want them to be able to find out what I´m doing and the reason why I haven´t got a blog that is more international and not so Swedish-fashion-tennagers oriented is cus I have several blogs and feel comfortable to have them all collected in the same account.
Besides, I want to feel like that I´m blogging about interesting stuff that people actually like to read. Today, I haven´t really suceeded with that.

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Written by: Nicloe

Man kan ju inte alltid komma på intressanta saker att skriva, vem gör det? Tror det är anledningen till att jag inte bloggar, skulle bli en enorm bloggtorka hahaha.

Hoppas det gick bra idag. :)

2010-02-08 @ 11:06:38

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