Failed, I have

I never know how to answer comments I get, it´s not like in Facebook, when the person you´re answering gets a notification... wish there was a way to do that (maybe there are, I haven´t really looked into it)
So in lack of other choises, I´m answering in a blog entry.. instead of disregarding it (which is mean) make another comment on the same blog entry (which the person might never look up) or writing to the persons facebook or email (which is just too much work for me)
I like the word sillyface... :) and I know I am one. But begin nervous about everything is just something I´ve always been and to get it out there makes it go away (a little bit, atleast) but I know, I should enjoy my age.... it will come or maybe I´m already doing it without me knowing it ;)
On Tuesday is my exam to determine which level of Spanish I have, so that the people who´s gonna teach me Spanish know where to begin. It´s not really an exam I want to study for but I´m still nervous...
I´m traveling to Dublin with Mr. M and I can´t probablt not afford it... but who cares... I couldn´t really afford going to Spain in the first place, or U.S, or actually for studying in Karlstad for that matter either. But they all turned out fine, so I just have to be sensible with my money until then :)
Oh, and ya`ll know what is you answers...
Qoute- Yoda, Star Wars, episode III

Written by: Britta

Bra sätt att svara på kommentaren (för jag hade annars glömt bort att jag skrev den...)! :)

Och så fortsätter jag att kommentera här för att uppmuntra dig att fortsätta blogga!

2010-02-01 @ 15:08:01

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