Hello, it's me, Lance romance

This week is the "semana blanca", white week, and is between something. I don't really know what but I do know that I have the week off. So there's no classes for me, which I like because it's no fun to go outside when it rains. But it is not really good for me because I don't do anything and I have a pile of paper with excersises I need to do. I hope I can pull myself together tomorrow cus today it is not gonna work. My focus is somewhere else

New birtday gift
As you know, the bunny turned out to be a disapointment and Mr. M changed it and bought me a new gift instead. I wish that the bunny would have worked but I am really excited about my new gift. I got an artist package with a artist manikin, color pencils, blending stomps, pencils and erasers and brushes. So what I want to do is to draw (and what I need to do is Spanish) today, what I want wins the fight.

Qoute - Homer, Simpsons


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