They didn't have any cards for deaf people, so I got you one of those with dots

About the food
It's lunch time. Actually, time to make the lunch. Something I remember from growing up was my family's wierd eating hours. My friends always called and wanted to hang out, right about the time for us to have dinner. I remember that I used to complained about it, asking why we can't have dinner on normal hours like everyone else. The reason why we had dinner at seven was because my parents had a store that closed at six, so none of them were at home at four to make dinner anyway. It was impossible to have dinner at five, like all my friends had. But the reason I got was that it is actually normal to have dinner at seven, that's what they have in the rest of Europe. I thought that was wierd.

Breakfast no later than eight
Lunch no later than one
Dinner no later than five

That's what I'm used to. When starting the university, I even had a friend who wanted to have lunch at eleven (not because she thought that was "right" but she was just so damn hungry). One of my mom's co-workers consider dinner should be served at one. Even though, being brought up in the Swedish school system, lunch and dinner is more or less the same for me, same kind of food, different hours. Most of the fights me and Mr. M has evolves round food. It's a good thing that my parents told me about the European way, otherways we would probably have argued about the dining hours aswell.

Breakfast around ten
Lunch around two
Dinner around nine

That's how it is here. To have dinner earlier than seven in the evening is considered crazy and if you had breakfast at seven in the morning, you're probably considered a little wierd. Even though I don't always agree about the "what" to eat, I really like the "when" to eat.

Qoute - Joy, MNIE


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