When I see myself looking this good, I get horny too

I got my medicine but the bus thing was closed. The pharmacies here have most of the stuff behind counter and conodms and baby food in the store, so you have to ask for everything. I like going to the pharmacy in Sweden, they have most of it on shelfs and a lot of folders and pamletts to read. I guess I am a litte hypcondric when I say that I like going to the pharmacy and read about all the stuff I might have. Another thing the pharmacies have here, that thy don't in Sweden are neon signs that blinks. Neon signs that blinks does not say pharmacy in my eyes and it feels a little peculiar. Mr. M got a little annoyed with me when I was joking about it, I guess, it does express seriousity here. I don't know if you can see it (the pharmacy I was at had just one little sign, there are pharamcies that has big sign with text and different patterns that move around and blinks)

Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl


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