Where are you going fatty, we're gonna have a party

God morning everybody!
I should take a walk, the sky is blue and +16C outside but I really don't have any motivation

Everything is more or less deep fried here, I mean, they don't even consider it deep fried, it's just fried. But instead of potatoes it's on the meat department. Like croquetas, eggs and sauseges. Everything that has the yellow deep fry cover, has to be deep fried and is eaten with an egg (deep fried of course, but without the cover). Rice, pasta and potatoes is something that is not so common here. Not according to my experience atleast, you basically focus on the good part of the meal. If you have rice, pasta orpotatoes, they are like a meal in itself and the you have meat to it. There's no such thing as the "plate model" (maybe that thing is only in Scandinavia anyway) where sallad and potatoes, rice or pasta is the big part of the meal and then you have some kind of meat and sauce to that. If you have sallad, that is the only thing you have, not on the side to the food, that's crazy...
It sounds like I'm complaining but I really like the food here and it's only the cheap side of me that struggle with the whole balance between potatoes and meat. But I don't dare to try and make lasagne becasue I really like lasagne with a sallad on the side, and if there would be a sallad, it would be a whole meal sallad (on the side) with chicken or tuna or something. It easily gets a little wierd when two different ways of eating are mixted.
I really enjoy the snack food they have. Like before you eat, you have olives and shrimps and jámon serrano (right spelling on that one?) and other stuff. I'm a big fan of snack eating and there's no way you can do that in Sweden, that is called "spoiling your apetite" and are sentenced with death.
But I do miss boiled potatoes sometimes.

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