You can't train my girlfriend as lab rat

I fell asleep. Sorry, but when it is cold inside, i don't feel like really doing anything else. Besides, I have some stuff i have to do, that I don't want to. I want the result, but not the phonecall (I'm gonna call my landlord and ask about changing room) so I guess I'm avoiding that by taking beautiful naps.

Language school
It is really stressing to be in a room where everyone talks at the same time. I understand that everyone is eager to learn but I understand even less when everyone is talking. I guess it is good, because if I can somewhat understand in that caos, I can probably understand if one person is talking to me. And I don't really like to talk in front of the class, but whenever there's something about different coutnries, there's always a guy who calls out Sweden. And when I'm the only one from that country, I have to answer. I guess that is good to, so that I have to say stuff. Today we talked about different languages in our country. My answer was a bit messy, but I'm really trying to just talk and not translating sentence by sentence.

Grocery store
Something that is new at home (as far as I know) is that you weigh your own fruit and put a barcode on it. This is very common here and everytime I forget to do it. The lady in the register was not happy with me and she got even more unsatisfied when I didn't give her the right change in the first two tries.

I was thinking of taking some pictuers of the rain and all. And then it stopped. It's still cold (10+) but the rain has stopped. It's interesting how my weather report that it is gonna rain just a little bit and it is as god haven't peed in a year. The river that goes in the middle of the city is half full (normally it's empty) and the puddles on the street are not puddles, the street is a puddle. Well, I guess it's gonna come more tomorrow.

Qoute - Leonard, TBBT


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