No, there's not, they are synonyms

I just walked/ran about seven kilometers, it's the third time in thirteen days. It feels really good, I haven't been truly exercising since before I went to the U.S. Sure, I went to the gym a couple of times but not enought for calling it excersie.
I just had lunch and are sitting with my coffe. I still can't drink particulary strong coffee and here it is really hard to know what kind of coffe you buy. It is not made in a coffee maker either, it's made on the stove in something I don't know what it is called. So all coffee is too strong for me.
The resturants have cafe americana, which is cafe solo with boiled water. Cafe solo is like expresso, very strong coffee (but don't tell either the spanish or the italian, cus they would say it's a huge difference) Here the coffe is defined in how much milk you have in it. Cafe solo is with out, Cafe con leche is with half milk and then you have more and more milk until you until get a drop of coffe.
Disgusting if you ask me, I'm not a milk fan. And, here, the milk is not considered something fresh in the grocery store. It's located in roomtemperature and you can buy them in six packs. The good news is that they have lactose free milk (I'm lactoseintolerante) but I can't stop wondering why the milk doesn't have to be in the fridge...


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