Duffman never dies, the actors who plays him does but not Duffman

Early bird
Today has been a busy day indeed. I woke up at like seven (7:15) to be able to take the bus at eight from Mr. M´s place and I did it. I told you that I would catch that bus some day, that day was today. The thing that keptm e going was a promise to myself that I will have a nap when I get home. But I felt so bad for not doing all the homework I should have done during the week (I did it on the bus) so I decided to stay behind in the cafeteria and do some work. Which I did and I managed to go through all the exercises we had for today.
Then Mr. M joined me for lucnh at the school. It was nice, it was a two hour diskussion because I mentioned two things.
1. I don´t understand why ketchup is so bad
2. I hate dogs
The reason why I mentioned these things was just because these two things really agrivates (is that right?) people. Hence, the tow hour discussion, I fell that my point was proven.

Study harder, study more
When me and Mr. M came out of the school, the rain was pouring down. Not a pretty sight. So we went to pick up her sister and then to Mr. M`s place. For a three hour studying. I need him to correct what I write and to explain stuff to me that my professor don´t suceed with. The correcting is crucial when there´s no way I can follow what is going on in that class room.

I´m still at Mr. M´s place but I´m gonna go soon.

I´ve noticed that I´m not following up on my "later" headlines so I´m not gonna say that I´m gonna post something. I will, however, tell you that whatever I have promised to publish will come (that will say, the story about the virgin will show up)
Qoute - Duffman, Simpsons

Written by: Leonard

Haha :) Tack för alla frågor! Svaren ligger uppe på bloggen nu. Allt bra idag då? :)

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