Wakey, wakey, hands of snakey

I'm waiting for my landlord to show up so I can pay my rent. It is not that I mind to go where she is and pay it but she told me yesterday that she would be here at five. Now it is 5:45 and I'm kind of starting to think that I don't want to wait longer. I've been putting off going to the shower, thinking that it might be nice to not be in the shower when she shows up. But now I'm starting to doubt that it is gonna happen. Not that I need people to be sharp on time, it's a common fact that I myself doesn't know the concept of sharp times, so why would I expect that from others. But 45 min, might be taking it a little to far.

I've been so good today it crazy. I went to class this morning and went I got home, the very first thing I did was to fill the washer machine. In the meantime for that to be done, I had a snack and checked my framville and updated my blog. When the machine was finished, I started another one before my 7 km walk/run. When I got back home, I made chickencurry with rice for lunch (really good, actually). I usually manage to do one of those things, so today was defenitly a good day.

I think I'm going to this exhibit with photos or something. We'll se what it is

Waiting and waiting

Qoute - Earl, My name is Earl


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